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Perfect Pitch

Developer: soundsommelier

Version: v0.3

Updated: 07/29/22

Engine: Ren'Py

Language: English


Perfect Pitch

A game about music, romance, and the covid-19 pandemic as a convenient plot device.

Perfect Pitch is set in the American Midwest in late summer 2020. Just before the crescendo of covid cases later that year which would mark one of the deadliest winters on record.

You are an up-and-coming multi-instrumentalist (named Miles by default) who is presented with a rather unique opportunity: a full-ride scholarship to the internationally renowned, all-girls music conservatory named Géante Endormie.

But this scholarship is no simple charity… you have a job to do. The future of your classmates, and the future of the Conservatoire, depends on it.

Enjoy your stay at Géante Endormie~



New Content & Updates:
10 New Events:
Gush & Go
So You’re Saying There’s A Chance?
New Brass generic event
Patience, Tension, Sparkling Windows
Heavy is the Head
New Percussion generic event
Harmonic Analysis
Blank Checks, High Stakes
New Music Theory generic event
Pathetic Featherweight
New Date generic event
Boseong Lullaby
New Dorm generic event
Semi-Private Conversations
New Dorm generic event
♥Hippocratic Oath♥
New Animated H-generic event
New Visit generic event
Gallery System Implemented
Images can now be purchased via the gallery tab on your laptop. Some images only become available to purchase once you complete the associated event.
15 images in total have been added thus far.
Click the toggle at the top of the gallery screen to cycle between erotic and non-erotic images.
Click the “S” key while playing to take a screenshot of these images if you want to make one of these a wallpaper. The images are all full HD.
New Practice Room Tunes
Girls now practice different pieces which change from week to week.
Kaylyn now appears for the first time in the practice room every other week to practice Kling etude #39
Intro Redux
The first main event “New Game Who Dis” now has accompanying renders and new music to better set the mood for newcomers to Perfect Pitch.
If you have been with Perfect Pitch before the v0.3 update, click the “Event Replay” menu and then “New Game Who Dis” if you’re interested in viewing this minor update.
Stats for Nerds:
~1 Hour of New Content
3655 Total Images (842 new)
146,765 Total Words (~29,000 more since v0.2)


Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.


Developer Notes



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